Thursday, November 27, 2008

weee!! use adobe firefox make one!! MUAHAHAHa spend two days doing =.=....the coloring n outline really nearly killed me LOLS~

written @6:23 PM ---MY SKETCHES :)

First bunch of sketches..LoLS~

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random pick my soft toy and draw out de xDD

my sketch for o lvl art ;) get a C6..SOBX!!!

random drawing~~ HUNTER x HUNTER

chobits!! one of my fav anime!! :DD

okiex..i think i draw this when i m emo..LOLS

HAHAHA my best sketch to me =X <3>

erm..draw this during sec sch lesson..LOLS too bored =.=|||

THIS TOO!! draw during sec sch lesson..LOL i rmb its SS lesson..Mr. Foo..=.=||| gosh~
he is a pro chanter..

lolss..draw this when i m bored..looks funny LOL

written @11:22 PM ---MY SKETCHES :)